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our story

Michigan's Treasure is composed of husband and wife team Mike and Jayne Schroeder who are based out of Suttons Bay, Michigan. Their origin story dates back to 1997 when Mike was out of work due to a back injury. With little to do while healing, Mike picked up a petoskey stone, a rat tail file and a hack saw and carved a bear. The following year the family was in desperate need of money and came up with an idea to enter into an art show and try and sell some of Mike's carvings. Low and behold, they sold nearly everything they had. From there the race was on to enter more art shows and create more art. Miraculously, a business was born. 


The Schroeder's work is done entirely from their home/workshop and sold online and at art shows across the state of Michigan. The stones are sourced by hand by the Schroeders and their daughter Nicole. Most are being dug up by hand on private property or purchased from people who have searched the beaches and gotten lucky! Their wood products are all made from Michigan hardwoods. 

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